I am Parker Audrey, a London based designer with specializing in conceptualization, interaction, & creative strategy.
I believe that design is an expression of storytelling and problem-solving. Through it, we craft engaging experiences and narratives that bring audiences, brands, and businesses together. As a multi-disciplinary designer, I love being hands-on during the entire design process - bringing expertise in motion, interaction, sound, art direction, and code. I am constantly exploring new techniques and design tools, testing the latest software to create something new or enhance existing designs. Collaboration is key to my process as the best ideas are never made alone.

I started my design career in North America where I built flagship products for multiple start-ups, ranging from unicorns to Y-Incubator companies. From there, I transitioned to becoming a freelancer, with clients mainly in the music industry. In 2018, I moved to London and have been working in agencies since. This atypical and diverse background allows me to bring a unique perspective as well as expand my skillset outside of design.

Feel free to drop me a line whether you want to chat or looking to collaborate on a new project together.
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