Parker Audrey
Agency: AKQA
Role: Lead Designer

DeepMind needed to modernize and energize their website to inspire audiences about the future of AI. Our approach was an art direction centered on morphing gradient shapes and white vertical gridlines. Using AI and the vistor’s IP address, the backgrounds constantly morphed and gave each user a unique site experience. Anchoring the morphing backgrounds were stark white vertical bands, lending a sleek, futuristic aesthetic. When animated, the lines transitioned upwards to reflect the future of progress.

We spotlit the careers page as an opportunity to elevate the experience and introduce gamification.  As a homage to one of DeepMind's most famous program, AlphaGo, users are required to solve a Go puzzle to access the career page. Finally, we consolidated Deepmind’s collection of tools and microsites into one intuitive experience where visitors can easily discover and ultimately play with AI.

DeepMind responded positively to integrating this concept direction in future website development and branding.