A website concept and art direction bringing the web experience of DeepMind into the future.
Role: Design Lead
Client: Deepmind
DeepMind was looking for a more modern and revitalized website that excited users about the future of AI.

Over the course of a week, we created an art direction and concept that brought the website to a life centered around soft gradient shapes mixed with white vertical gridlines. We created a set of shapes using AI that constantly morphed in the background - reflecting the everchanging development of DeepMind's research. We grounded this with white vertical gridlines that bring a futuristic look to the site. When animated, these gridlines move directionally upward to reflect the future of progress.

We specifically looked at the careers page as an opportunity to elevate the experience and introduce gamification. As a homage to one of DeepMind's most famous program, AlphaGo, users are encouraged to solve a Go puzzle to access the career page.

Upon further inspection of the site, we noticed most tools developed by DeepMind have thier own microsite resulting in an inconsistent and fragmented experience. On top of consolidating the tools and microsites into a single experience, we looked at redesigning the UI of the tools to encourage users to try and ultimately play with AI.

The concept was presented to DeepMind with great reception and was to be further developed into 2023 and 2024.