Parker Audrey
Agency: Publicis Sapient
Role: Design Lead

IQOS is the largest brand helping smokers transition to a smoke-free future. As a departure from the previous technical look and feel, the new brand centered around bringing energy and vibrancy. This style combined the usage of large, bold headlines mixed with a striking contemporary look and feel that used layered components to help flow the reader's eye down each page. We used emotive imagery centered around people and storytelling while complemented by dynamic product shots full of energy and life.

The new brand also presented new challenges in UI as the primary turquoise color did not pass AA accessibility. To tackle this issue, we focussed on using turquoise for interaction states across the digital design ecosystem. This subtle use allows us to comply with accessibility standards - using turquoise as an enhancing element gives the color plenty of impact across every page of the site. It further builds equity around the color associating it with the new brand’s vibrancy. We also leveraged this technique in iconography. As the icon sizes increased, we took advantage of the extra space to add more details to the icon set. The turquoise is harnessed to give additional pop to these larger-sized icons but only in a flair setting - this prevents the accessibility of the icons from being hindered.

The new brand was released in 2021 with a re-energized app and website.