Transforming The Macallan's digital experience into the most luxurious and innovative platform.
Role: Design Lead/Motion Designer
Client: The Macallan
The Macallan needed new digital platform and experience that respected their rich and lush history while welcoming it into the new era.

We created a new art direction centered around immersion. Luxurious imagery were enlarged and occupied the entire screen while whiskey bottles were spotlighted to be the center of attention. This was contrasted with hand-drawn illustrations - a homage to their famous newspaper ads in the 1980s. Finally, the chevron - The Macallan's own unique shape, was subtlely placed in backgrounds and within small UI elements.

As one of the most progressive whiskey brands, we wanted to have unique experiences in the platform that furtherelevating the brand. Masterclasses and a bespoke whiskey profiler helped users discovered more about the world of whiskey and learn from experts. The user profile was expanded to house more than basic information and included a digital library of the user's Macallan collection. Inside, users can learn their bottle's origin, reorder a new one, and even experience their whiskey in a meditative VR immersion.

This work was presented with exciting reception from The Macallan team and further work will continue in 2023.