Improving Deliveroo Conversion

Deliveroo is one of the UK’s largest online food delivery companies that operates in over 200 cities worldwide. Much of the success of the company relied on the restaurants offerings for to consumers. As an integrated and ongoing part of their restaurant team, we looked at creating a new homepage to improve and drive signup conversion rate.


Improved Deliveroo restaurant sign-ups conversions by 12%, modernized tech stack on restaurant pages, and began internal alignment of stakeholders.


Our approach was simple but effective; we would have the Deliveroo team physically build a paper wireframe through a one day workshop. To achieve this, we started with paper print-outs of key messages from Deliveroo’s USPs, user reviews, and keyword analysis. Next, we recreated and printed out all the components from Deliveroo’s React library. Finally, the team would mix and match the messages to a component during the workshop.


The existing Deliveroo Restaurants site was outdated in design, UX, and technology. Most of the site was hard-coded and there were conflicting messages and user journeys. Through stakeholder interviews, we identified that the root problem was the silo structure of teams within the business. To tackle this complex problem we decided to create a custom workshop that brought all stakeholders together at the start of the design process to re-align and work towards a collaborative solution.


During the workshop, our team’s goal was facilitation rather than lead - as we recognized that each stakeholder was a specialist in their respective field. We also decided that it was important to bring in other Deliveroo team members such as customer support representatives to provide some additional ground-level expertise.


Due to the simplicity of the paper prototype incorporating real components, translation to digital wireframes was extremely easy. After additional fine tuning, we were able to quickly turn these into visual designs.


We leveraged Deliveroo consumer's tech stack (React, Next.js, Cloudflare) to build the site. Not only did this speed development time, it also began to centralize dev environments allowing better scalability.


We were also able to launch in 1 month from the workshop. Within the first 3 months of launch, we had a 12% increase in restaurant sign up conversions. Finally, with GA integration, we were able to monitor the site and continuously improve/test the page.


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