Venmo is the leading P2P payment platform in the USA. Working with their marketing and product team, we optimized their Apple App Store and Google Play Store screenshots to improve ranking and reflect their new branding.


Increased app position to #2 in Finance. Refreshed app screenshots to new brand.

Distinguishing Venmo in App Stores


Working with the Venmo teams, we came up with high level messages that each screen needed to accomplish. Afterwards, we used pen and paper to sketch 100+ screens to brainstorm and ideate.


Venmo is primarily used for payments between friends and splitting bills. We used the first screens to highlight these use cases and to show the payment screen to validate users that they are downloading the right app. Furthermore, the background showed an in-situation illustration of Venmo being used with friends splitting a bill of a meal.

Trust in Numbers

Security is always a concern for apps involving money and finance. By highlighting the massive user-base , we instilled trust to potential users (and with a hint of FOMO).

Social Feed

Venmo's social feed is very polarizing feature. We still wanted to showcase it but placed opted it further down in the order to prevent it deterring potential users.

Household Brands

Through displaying household brands partnered with Venmo Checkout, it showed both the feature itself and further instilled trust in users.

Venmo Card

To align with business goals, we used the last screenshot as an advert for Venmo Card.


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